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Appointments and Walk ins

The Practice runs on an appointment system. You can book an appointment online through our website or Automed. For all urgent matters,  please call reception on 02 7910 8558.

We offer the following appointment types:


  • Standard consultations – 15 minutes

  • Long consultations – 30 minutes


Please assist us in minimising waiting times by ensuring you book an appointment of an adequate length. If you are unclear as to the length of the appointment required, please discuss with our reception staff.


We ask that you make a longer appointment if you have multiple or complex problems or if you are having a procedure or a pap smear.


In some circumstances, if you have multiple health issues that cannot be addressed in the allocated time, your doctor may ask that you make another appointment.

Appointments are made for each individual patient. Should you require the doctor to see an additional family member please make a separate appointment for each patient. This will help your doctor avoid delays and helps our doctors to give your health concerns the attention they deserve without being rushed.

Interpreter - Please advise reception staff if you need an interpreter when booking your appointment.

Repeat Scripts and Referrals

It is a policy of this practice that requests for repeat prescriptions, referrals, medical certificate and completion of medical paperwork are done through an appointment (telehealth or in person).


Please note your doctor can not back date a referral or certificate . Please allow plenty of time to make an appointment with your doctor before your specialist appointment.


General practice is very unpredictable and unfortunately medical emergencies can occur which can cause the doctors to fall behind and be delayed despite our best efforts. We thank you in your understanding of this.

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