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Patient Code of Conduct

The Doctors and staff at Park Sydney Medical Practice follow a Code of Conduct where we will behave in a courteous and professional manner whilst maintaining the highest levels of service and care which the Practice and our patients expect.

In return, patients agree and acknowledge:

  • they will inform the doctor if they are receiving treatment from another health professional;

  • they will disclose their medical history including medications to their doctor;

  • they have read and understood the cancellation policy and will notify the Practice in accordance with this policy when they cannot keep an appointment;

  • they will pay for any service and products received as advised by their doctor or the Practice;

  • they will not conduct themselves in a manner that interferes or threatens the rights of other patients, practitioners or staff including in a manner that may lead to the breach or likely breach of any policy, standard or laws.


We requests all patients and visitors help us to make our Practice a safe place for everyone.


We ask that all parties treat everyone with respect and patience. 


We will not accept (in person or on the phone):

  • Making verbal or physical threats;

  • Swearing in the presence of practitioners, staff and/or other patients;

  • Shouting or making offensive remarks;

  • Racism/Sexism;

  • Attending when intoxicated with alcohol and/or drugs;

  • Damaging or stealing property;

  • Acting in a manner that is likely to cause harassment, alarm, or distress to others in general.

Anyone who carries out the above behaviour/s will be asked to leave and their future attendance at the Practice may be discontinued resulting in having to seek health care elsewhere.


​We value your feedback.

Should you have any complaints, questions or concerns, please email the Practice Manager at

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