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Clinical Recalls and Results 

Clinical Recalls (Reminders)


As part of our commitment to preventative healthcare and our priority in facilitating our patients taking a proactive role in their health, you may receive from time to time a clinical reminder via SMS, phone call or a letter to your registered address.


These clinical reminders relate to health activities such as immunisations, routine health assessments, further tests or procedures.




Please allow up to 3 days to receive your results.


Your doctor will review your results once received. If your results are determined to be urgent, your doctor will call you directly.


If your doctor determines your results as non-urgent, you will receive an SMS recall, requesting you book a non-urgent follow-up appointment with your doctor. Please book an appointment at your earliest convenience.


Please do not call reception staff about your results. They are unable to give your results over the phone or to send them to you via email without express instructions from your doctor.


If your doctor has not requested a follow-up appointment and you are still experiencing symptoms, please book an appointment with your doctor for further review.

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