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Worker's Compensation/CTP, Medical Clearance Reports, Employment Reports and Insurance Reports

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Please note the Worker's compensation/CTP claims and the following reports are not covered by medicare and you will not receive a rebate:

  • Medical Forms or Medical Clearance Reports including those for school or sports such as concussion clearance reports;

  • Employment medical reports;

  • Insurance reports including travel clearance certificates.

Full payment of fee is required at the conclusion or your appointment or prior to your doctor releasing report. An invoice will be issued for you to claim the fees from your insurer. Please ask your doctor should you have any questions.

Consult Type
Fee (No Medicare Rebate)
Standard (5 -20 mins)
Long (20 - 40 mins)
Extra Long (>40 mins)
Completion of medical reports/forms/clearance certificates
$26.90/ 5 mins plus GST
Initial Certificate of Capacity
$53.80 plus GST
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